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Trouvailles Tours Getting the Best of Bhutan

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Ever heard of holiday envy? It seems the green-eyed monster raises its head over more than the latest cars, gadgets, handbags, and houses. It’s bad behaviour, but we often use these things to see how we measure up against friends, family, and co-workers. If were honest we’ve all secretly enjoyed the envy of others at some point. We do that with holiday destinations too, when asked “where did you holiday this year”, the one up-manship instantly begins. Mention the Kingdom of Bhutan and you’ll get one of two reactions. The aspiring ‘oooh’, or the slightly begrudging ‘ahhh’, which loosely translates as, “Bhutan is outside of my budget, show off”!

The Punakha Dzong, also known as Pungtang Dewa chhenbi Phodrang "the palace of great happiness or bliss”

Unfortunately, you can’t visit Bhutan on a shoestring, but Trouvailles Tours has been making it possible to see the wonders of this pristine Himalayan kingdom on a mid-range travel budget for years. It’s true that Bhutan is one of the worlds more expensive destinations, and yes, due to conservation efforts it is not open to the casual tourist, but a visit to Bhutan doesn’t have to break the bank.

When I first blogged about my sojourn to Bhutan, an illuminating experience I will never forget, I’d expected questions, such as “What were the people like?” How long was the trek to the Tiger’s Nest monastery?” “How did you manage the high altitudes?”. What I got was, “If only I had the cash to spare…. I wish I could go”, or you must be raking it in”! I’m a writer, so I’m far from rich, but using the parlance, neither am I ‘brassic’.

Paro Valley

Yes, Bhutan does have a ‘quality over quantity’ tourism policy. Which may be leading to the misconception that the government in Bhutan only allows a limited number of visa’s to tourists each year. This simply isn’t true, and anyone dreaming of visiting the tiny, characterful, Buddhist nation of Bhutan can do just that.

Compulsory fees for all tourists per person per day are £191. This drops to £153 between December to February and June to August. It’s understandable if these prices seem a little excessive, but what you might not know is that if you decide to place your trip in the hands of a trusted operator such as Trouvailles Tours, your money goes much further than you’d imagine. Included in your £153 is private transportation, a personal guide, 4-star accommodations, all meals, safety equipment, entire trekking crews, birding, fishing, riding, all entry fees, and a whole lot more. Where you go, how you get there, and what you do is absolutely up to you. Trouvailles Tours offers pre organised adventures, or you can create your own custom itinerary. Whatever you choose you need not spend a penny more than the mandatory fee.

The mighty Buddha Dordenma Thimphu

Bhutan is often described as out of this world, while no one would argue that, it’s certainly not out of reach. Bhutan’s tourist policy is one of high value low impact, fitting perfectly with Trouvailles Tours ‘Sustainable Seamless Simple’ mantra. We’ve tours to suit most budgets so there’s no reason you too can’t experience the marvels of Bhutan.

For more information on conservation projects in Mongolia and Bhutan or to book one of our Birding, Trekking, Botany or Wildlife Tours, please contact 020 3877 0670